Internal Evaluation Board

The Internal Evaluation Board is an autonomous academic body aiming to improve the quality of educational, creative and related activities of TUL. The Board is established by the Statutes of TUL under the Section 12a of the Higher Education Act.

It comprises 12 members. The Chair of the Board is the Rector, Vice-Chair is appointed by the Rector from amongst Professors or Associate Professors of TUL. The Chair of the Academic Senate of TUL is a member of the Board. Other members are appointed by the Rector, one third of them are appointed on the basis of a proposal from the Scientific Board of TUL, another third on the basis of a proposal from the Academic Senate of TUL.

The Board approves intentions to submit an application for accreditation of a study programme, for accreditation of habilitation and professorial proceedings and other accreditation materials, initiates and manages the course of internal quality assessment of particular activities, determines and controls the implementation of corrective measures imposed to eliminate weaknesses of the assessed activities, supports and develops the system of quality assurance and internal quality assessment of TUL activities, and maintains and shares records of internal quality assessment of TUL activities.