Gender Equality Plan

The Gender Equality Plan (GEP) for the period 2022–2025 sets out a vision, policy and objectives which intend to support the development of a quality personnel policy in the field of education, science and research, as well as care for employees in the medium term. The plan follows the Strategic Plan for Educational and Creative Activities and the Internationalization Strategy of the Technical University of Liberec for the period 2021-2025.

The GEP of the Technical University of Liberec is based on an analysis of the needs identified in the investigation, and at the same time on the possibilities for adequate implementation of interrelated measures that will lead to defined objectives. In the preparatory phase for the creation of the GEP, an analysis of priority areas was created as part of the participation in the project entitled “On 1 ship – supporting equal opportunities in companies’. The project is carried out in cooperation with Gender Studies, o.p.s. Within the project, an external analysis was carried out in the area of reconciling work and personal life, management of maternity and parental leave, removal of barriers to career growth.

The issue of gender equality is very broad and interconnected. Contextual analysis has shown that in order to achieve equality and equal opportunities, interrelated activities, which will be perceived as necessary by all actors, including potential target groups, are needed.

Priority thematic areas

For this reason, the areas for creating a respectful and supportive environment for people reconciling work and personal life (Priority Axis I) have been selected as priority thematic areas in the context of career development, with particular emphasis on removing obstacles that may arise in career growth (Priority Axes II and III). The aim is to create career paths so that there is an open support for the development and growth. This growth is perceived essential for achieving excellent results for the university as a whole.

Another partial goal is to set up equal opportunities processes in the area of the admission process, the system of fair and equal remuneration, within Priority Axis III. Another important goal is to strive for a gender-balanced representation of men and women within all levels of the organizational structure, in the management and other bodies of the TUL, or in other decision-making positions. These activities are the content of Priority Axis II.

An equally important goal of Priority Axis V is the area of protection against negative gender phenomena during studies or in the workplace, including harassment, bullying, etc. The gradual integration of the gender dimension into the content of research and education is the content of Priority Axis IV.