Teacher training for primary and lower-secondary schools

Educational goals

The aim of the Lower-Secondary School two-year master’s program is to prepare highly-qualified, university-educated experts for teaching at lower-secondary school level. Teaching in the program is always organized in the form of choosing a specialization (i.e. a combination of two academic majors from the following list: English, Czech Language and Literature, History, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, German, Civics, Natural History, Special Education, Spanish, Physical Education and Geography, while its specific curriculum is based on the framework of requirements set by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for the preparation of teachers: the basics of teaching, first and second academic major, teaching methodology, teaching practice and a master’s thesis.

Profile of the graduate

Graduates of the Lower-Secondary School Education master’s program are trained professionals in their chosen specialization (i.e. a combination of two majors) and are educated in psychology and pedagogy to the extent necessary for the profession. Thus, graduates of the program are well-versed in issues of education and teaching, can work with older pupils of school-age, and understand and reflect on the specificities of their age- and gender-specific qualities, as well as their individual characteristics. They are thus able to choose and transform teaching materials, as well as plan, execute and assess the teaching process in accordance with those specificities and characteristics. The program’s graduates are qualified to teach at lower-secondary school level in junior high schools and the lower years of eight-year high schools. At the time of their entry to the profession, they have solid foundations for further professional growth and training in the framework of the carreer system and courses of further education, as well as for postgraduate education.


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Teacher training for primary and lower-secondary schools (N0532A330043)
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Postgraduate Master
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