Design – Textile, Fashion, Glass, Jewellery

Educational goals

The educational objective of the follow-up Master’s study program Design – Textile, Apparel, Glass and Jewellery is to: ” Prepare university-educated designers for creative industries, own-design small-scale manufacturing and free creative arts, and providing them with an ability to reflect current arts and design trends in global as well as local context. ” Introduce students to artistic, technological, experimental and theoretical bases of design work. ” Deepen their knowledge of theoretical and experimental methods of creative design in combination with developing their understanding of new materials and technologies. This unique combination of an artistic standpoint with a knowledge of materials and technologies will provide them with the means of application in non-traditional design forms and an ability to quickly adapt to today’s production, research and design approaches in a wide area of creative industries. Studio-type optional subjects will give students an opportunity to narrow down their focus by choosing among textile, clothing, glass and jewellery design. ” Run arts projects as part of the course using technologies available at the Faculty’s laboratories, workshops and studios, and start collaboration with the external sector. ” Enable students to gain experience with the active presentation of their own works in galleries, museums and other institutions through selected design platforms in the Czech Republic and abroad. The structure of the course is based on creative work and a search for new ways of the artistic processing of traditional and innovative materials using new as well as standard technological procedures. The course will give students not only specialist theoretical and practical knowledge at that particular level but also sufficient flexibility, an ability to communicate in industry-specific English and a set of what is generally referred to as soft skills. The concept of the course will enable students to adjust to the conditions of creative industries, collaborate with companies and create their own artistic works.

Profile of the graduate

Course graduates are independent, proactive and creatively thinking persons who have mastered the principles of creative work and are able to apply them to specifically defined materials and technologies. At the Master’s course level graduates will demonstrate: – A knowledge of the concepts of studio work and spatial analysis, the application of the various types of artistic disciplines and the application of materials in design. – A comprehensive grasp of applied arts and design based particularly on familiarity with and an understanding of the principles and context of design work. – Aimed focus on the selected field within textile, clothing, glass and jewellery design, having mastered both the artistic part and the associated technologies, structure and properties of material with respect to current trends, with a knowledge of innovative materials, technologies and experimental artistic techniques for design. Graduates will have developed skills to work independently and creatively which can be immediately applied in the field of creative industries and in areas such as manufacturing and innovation. They will also be able to quickly adapt to work which requires special qualifications outside the scope of arts and design. They will be prepared to further expand their qualifications and will have mastered industry-specific English and what is referred to as soft skills. They will be able to manage a team of colleagues in business or studio production as well as run independent projects.


Study programme
Design – Textile, Fashion, Glass, Jewellery (N0212A310012)
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Type of study
Postgraduate Master
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Art and Art Sciences, Mechanical Engineering and Materials

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Requirements: M.Sc certificate and succsessful entrance proceeding

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