Architecture and Urban Design

Educational goals

The study covers architectural design in its generally understood scope. Humanities and technology are a necessary part of the curriculum as well as the use of new media. The students get experience in interrelated fields and are educated as competent counterparts of structural, mechanical and other building engineers.

Profile of the graduate

The graduate is an architect with versatile training in architectural structure design, interiors and urbanistic works. The studies finish with final state exam, a part of which are exams in history of arts and architecture, supporting structures, building construction and dissertation defence. The dissertation assignment is conditioned by passing the state exams. The graduate of the Master’s curriculum will obtain the Engineer Architect academic degree (abbr. Ing. arch.). The detail on the courses and the final state examination are described in the study and exam regulations of TUL. The graduates will obtain a diploma and diploma addendum.


Study programme
Architecture and Urban Design (N0731A010013)
Faculty of
Type of study
Postgraduate Master
Form of study
Length of study
Awarded degree
Ing. arch.
Education area

Courses of Architektura a urbanismus programme

1. semester

2. semester

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4. semester

Courses without specified study plan

Admission procedure

The condition for the MA study programme, which follows the bachelor study programme, is the full completion of the bachelor study programme. The conditions for the entrance examinations and the conditions for the study enrolment are determined in the directive issued by that faculty in compliance with the Universities Act.

More about the admission processuchazec:prijimaci-rizeni

More details

Contact: Stolín Petr, doc. Ing. arch.,

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