Business Administration and Management

Educational goals

This programme aims at educating graduates who have a deep and systematic knowledge of microeconomic theory, research methodology, quantitative and statistical methods for processing empirical data. Graduates further gain additional expertise in specialized disciplines of business economics and management, focusing in particular on the behavior and management in a global environment of innovation and new instruments of corporate financing.

Profile of the graduate

The graduate at the doctoral level has knowledge of: – advance economic concepts and categories, and understands the connection between them in the context of major economic theories and schools of economics, – mathematical-statistical methods applicable in business data processing, – key world regions in economic and geopolitical terms, – current management approaches, business activities and processes, including the methods, tools, and technologies (IT) to control them, – knowledge relevant to the preparation for top managers and graduates in the fields of higher education, science and research, – knowledge in the field of regional development.


Study programme
Business Administration and Management (P0413D050019)
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Type of study
Form of study
Length of study
Awarded degree
Education area

Courses of Podniková ekonomika a management programme

1. semester

  • Business Valuation (compulsory optional)
  • Corporate Marketing Management (compulsory optional)
  • Human Resources Management (compulsory optional)
  • ICT Management (compulsory optional)
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management (compulsory optional)
  • Internationalization Theories (compulsory optional)
  • Internship Abroad (compulsory optional)
  • Managerial Economics (compulsory)
  • Pedagogical Activity I (compulsory optional)
  • Quantitative Methods (compulsory optional)
  • Research Activities (compulsory optional)
  • Research in the Institutional Economics (compulsory optional)
  • Statistics and Data Analysis (compulsory)
  • Supply Chain Design (compulsory optional)
  • Theory of the Firm in World Economy (compulsory optional)

2. semester

  • Economics and Organizations Management (compulsory)
  • Methodology of Science (compulsory)
  • Pedagogical Activity II (compulsory optional)

3. semester

  • Colloquium (compulsory optional)
  • Pedagogical Activity III (compulsory optional)

4. semester

5. semester

  • Pedagogical Activity V (compulsory optional)

6. semester

  • Pedagogical Activity VI (compulsory optional)

Admission procedure

A completed Master degree programme is required for admittance to the PhD programme. The Faculty Dean determines entrance exam rules and conditions for enrolment to the programme by special measures in accordance with the Higher Education Act.

More about the admission process

More details

Contact: Žižka Miroslav, prof. Ing. Ph.D.,

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