Information Technology

Educational goals

The aim of the study is to prepare professionals for the design and development of program and technical means for data processing. Part of the graduates will continue to doctoral degree programs on TU in Liberec, especially in the technical cybernetics study program, or other universities. Most graduates find application in software firms.


Study programme
Information Technology (N0613A140029)
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Type of study
Postgraduate Master
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Admission procedure

International Applicants must be able to provide a certificate that proves they completed a relevant bachelor-level study in the filed appropriate for the selected course. They should fill the Application form and further provide: 1. Official academic records (e.g. diplomas and transcripts) from each undergraduate or post graduate institution you have attended. 2. To pass successfully an entry exam (test of basic knowledge in the area of elected branch). If the Bc. study results were excellent, this condition should be canceled by the Dean of the faculty. 3. One letter of recommendation for international applicant from the countries outside EU. 4. Other supporting documents such as research reports, and awards may be submitted as well. 5. Pay Application fee: 400.- CZK (15 Euro approximately). 6. Prove of appropriate knowledge of Czech language if they wish to study in courses given in Czech. When submitting an application, the following documents are required: – Application form ( ? STAG ? Elektronicka prihlaska ke studiu) – Official academic records (e.g. diplomas and transcripts) from each school you have attended. – Health insurance (entering to the Czech Republic). – Financial support during the study. Note: All travel expenses and visa administration are the applicant ´s responsibility. The number of approved applicants for the International Master Program in Mechatronics may be limited to fit the constraints given by agreement between the Czech and German institutes involved in teaching the course. For additional details, please refer to the website at, section “Information about the study”. The decision about the acceptance or rejection is sent to the applicant by the Dean of the faculty.

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Contact: Satrapa Pavel, doc. RNDr. Ph.D.,

Refer to STAG for complete information