Educational Sciences

Educational goals

Graduates attain educational, psychological and pedagogical skills for work with the youth in non-formal educaton and leisure time.

Profile of the graduate

After graduation graduates will be able to: – To prepare, conduct and evaluate educational programs (courses, camps, rings, tutorials, etc.) in non-formal education, in different leisure areas, including work in after-school centers, homes for children and youth, civic associations, and centers of environmental education companies offering teambuilding programs and other types of organizations, – apply in their work the theoretical knowledge of psychology and pedagogy different areas (eg. Outdoor, experiential education, drama education, environmental education, art education, sports training etc.). – lead small teams and comply with the applicable legal framework relevant to leisure time activities.


Study programme
Educational Sciences (B0111A190021)
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Type of study
Form of study
Length of study
Awarded degree
Education area
Pedagogy for Non-Teachers

Courses of Pedagogická studia programme

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