Social Work

Educational goals

The aim of the three-year study is to prepare qualified social workers with higher education. The graduates gain general knowledge, practical knowledge and skills in the field of social work and related disciplines.

Profile of the graduate

Graduates gain professional methodological knowledge and are capable of applying theoretical foundations to specific situations when working with different types or groups of clients. Graduates develop not only professional but also personality prerequisites for social work in government institutions and non-government organizations. Graduates will acquire the ability of an interdisciplinary and multifactorial approach to dealing with clients? social situations and to developing the ability of group cooperation within caring professions.


Study programme
Social Work (B0923P240005)
Faculty of
Type of study
Form of study
Length of study
Awarded degree
Education area
Social Work

Courses of Social Work programme

1. semester

2. semester

3. semester

4. semester

  • Legal Theory and Practice 3 (compulsory)
  • National Minorities (compulsory)
  • Practical Training 3 (compulsory)
  • Practical Training Supervision 3 (compulsory)
  • Risk Behaviour on the Internet (compulsory)
  • Social Pathology (compulsory)
  • Theories and Methodology of Soc. Policy (compulsory)
  • Theories and Methods of Social Work 4 (compulsory)

5. semester

  • Applied Social Policy (compulsory)
  • Case Study Seminar 1 (compulsory)
  • Legal Theory and Practice 4 (compulsory)
  • Practical Training 4 (compulsory)
  • Practical Training Supervision 4 (compulsory)
  • Special Pedagogy for Social Workers 1 (compulsory)

6. semester

  • Case Study Seminar 2 (compulsory)
  • Current Issues of Professional Soc. Work (compulsory)
  • Current Issues of Social Policy (compulsory)
  • Practical Training 5 (compulsory)
  • Practical Training Supervision 5 (compulsory)
  • Special Pedagogy for Social Workers 2 (compulsory)

Courses without specified study plan

  • Alternative and Augmentative Com. (compulsory optional)
  • Andragogy and Gerontagogy (compulsory optional)
  • Bachelor thesis (compulsory)
  • Crisis Response (compulsory optional)
  • Employment Policy and Labor Market (compulsory optional)
  • Ergotherapy and Compensation Aids (compulsory optional)
  • Chapters from Penology (compulsory optional)
  • Introduction to Addictology (compulsory optional)
  • Issues of the Non-profit Sector (compulsory optional)
  • Oral exam.- Social Worker (compulsory)
  • Probation and Mediation (compulsory optional)
  • Quality in Social Services (compulsory optional)
  • Social Inclusion – Present Issues (compulsory optional)
  • Social Innovat. and Evaluat. in Soc.Work (compulsory optional)
  • The Roma Issues (compulsory optional)

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