Educational goals

The main aims of the study are: theoretical knowledge of basic mathematical disciplines (algebra and mathematical analysis), knowledge of follow-up mathematical disciplines (mainly probability theory, statistics, numerical mathematics, basic knowledge of related science disciplines (physics and chemistry), advanced knowledge and skills in the information technology sphere, thorough knowledge software tools Matlab and R and the ability to work with them.

Profile of the graduate

Graduates from the study program Mathematics obtain basic theoretical knowledge in main mathematical disciplines, an overview of the structure of this field and an overview of associated science disciplines (physics and chemistry). Graduates have advanced knowledge of information technologies and skills in programming. The theoretical basis gained forms graduates? abstract and critical thinking. It also cultivates their personality and abilities in problem solving.


Study programme
Mathematics (B0541A170015)
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Education area
Mathematics and Statistics

Courses of Mathematics programme

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Contact: Finěk Václav, doc. RNDr. Ph.D.,

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