Practical Czech Philology

Educational goals

The aim of the bachelor study programme ?Practical Czech Philology? is to develop students? competences in linguistic and literary fields. In these fields students acquire a relatively wide and solid foundation of knowledge and skills, mainly in Bohemian philology which is then complemented with application sector subjects which develop students? competences in practically utilisable and socially significant applications in several key areas.

Profile of the graduate

From the linguistic and communication competence point of view, a graduate acquires habits of a professional user who is able to use standard Czech in its written and oral form. In terms of literary qualification, the graduate is familiar with the evolution of Czech literature from its beginning up to the present. The knowledge is supported by the study of prescribed literary and scientific types of texts and additional reading according to personal choice in the range given by the study plan and recommended literature. Graduates have wide general knowledge in culture, are able to communicate in their mother tongue and one foreign language. In addition, they have the ability to study scientific literature and the way they express themselves is fully developed. Graduates from the programme have basic competences in the field of applied Czech linguistics and in the area of media communication.


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Practical Czech Philology (B0232A090012)
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Courses of Practical Czech Philology programme

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