Textile Engineering

Educational goals

The objective of the Textile Engineering PhD programme is to train professionals for demanding and highly specialized research work in the industry. This is reflected by the continuous emphasis placed throughout the course on key theoretical and engineering issues related to the field and the balanced proportion between research specialization and an understanding of general theoretical and frequently interdisciplinary connections (mathematics, natural sciences, material engineering, and technology). The course develops analytical competencies, focusing on the practical application of the latest scientific knowledge. For this course the faculty recruits students from Czech and international institutions as well as the most talented graduates from its own master’s degree programmes. Through this type of studies the faculty ensures the continuity and further development of textile engineering as a branch of industrial fields and scientific disciplines.

Profile of the graduate

Graduates from the PhD Textile Engineering course will have a good theoretical knowledge of natural science and engineering disciplines (especially textile technologies) and a practical understanding of technology experiment design, new material patterning and the testing and analysis of their properties. They will be able to conduct independent research work in the various fields of fibre material application. They will be prepared to produce and present engineering and research results on an international level. They will find it easy to adapt to managerial, engineering, development and research direction at various industrial, research and development organizations in the field of textiles. They will also be able to have a career in teaching the theory and practice of material engineering at universities.


Study programme
Textile Engineering (P0723D270003)
Faculty of
Type of study
Form of study
Length of study
Awarded degree
Education area
Mechanical Engineering and Materials

Courses of Textilní inženýrství programme

1. semester

2. semester

  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media (compulsory optional)
  • Textile Machines Dynamics (compulsory optional)

3. semester

4. semester

  • Comfort of Clothes (compulsory optional)
  • Chemical and Thermal Technologies of Non (compulsory optional)
  • Image Processing and Analysis (compulsory optional)
  • Simulation of the Apparel Processes (compulsory optional)
  • Technology of Nanofibers Production (compulsory optional)
  • Testing theory and experimental data tre (compulsory optional)
  • Textiles Projection (compulsory optional)

5. semester

6. semester

  • Specialization in Field (compulsory)

Courses without specified study plan

  • Hydrodynamics Process of Spinning (compulsory optional)
  • Intership Abroad I (optional)
  • Intership Abroad II (optional)
  • Intership in a Company I. (optional)
  • Intership in a Company II. (optional)
  • Transport Phenomena of Forming (compulsory optional)

Admission procedure

Requirements: M.Sc certificate and succsessful entrance proceeding

More about the admission process

More details

Contact: Militký Jiří, prof. Ing. CSc., jiri.militky@tul.cz

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