Industrial Engineering

Educational goals

The aim of the consecutive Master’s Degree course Industrial Engineering is to train university-educated professionals to become familiar with quality management and metrology and be able to deal with specific issues in production on-site and apply their quality management skills to various industrial segments. They will be able to independently lead projects in their field focusing on new products and their innovations and ensure their comprehensive implementation in production. The industry’s demands for continuous product innovation and improved production systems and processes and the stress it places on reducing scrap rates can only be met through the full application of quality management processes, experiment planning and objective statistical analysis of the data obtained. At the same time, however, emphasis is placed not only on general quality assurance knowledge but also a practical understanding of the industry that deals with the production and application of textile fabric structures. The course will provide students with not only theoretical and practical knowledge on this level, but also adequate flexibility, an ability to communicate about industry-specific topics in English, and understanding of engineering disciplines and a set of what is comprehensively referred to as soft skills.

Profile of the graduate

Graduates will have a comprehensive knowledge of quality management in terms of quality assurance e and planning (quality management, quality assurance systems) including development trends. Their bias towards analytical thinking will allow them to analyse risks while planning, implementing and procuring new products to be manufactured. They will be familiar with essential legislative requirements for quality management systems and have practical data analysis skills. Graduates will be aware of the modern principles of creation and management of technical projects dealing with high-order development and innovation. They will be able to prepare such projects, run them and evaluate their results. They will have a knowledge of quality management with respect to both products and technological processes. They will be able to provide support when innovative technologies and new products are launched. They will also understand the fundamental ways of application of textiles in the field of traditional technologies and in the areas related to new materials and advanced technologies.


Study programme
Industrial Engineering (N0723A270003)
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Type of study
Postgraduate Master
Form of study
Length of study
Awarded degree
Education area
Mechanical Engineering and Materials

Courses of Průmyslové inženýrství programme

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Courses without specified study plan

  • Expert Discourse (compulsory)

Admission procedure

Requirements: B.Sc (B.M. or B.A.) certificate and succsessful entrance proceeding

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Contact: Tunák Maroš, doc. Ing. Ph.D.,

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