Production of Clothing and Technical Products

Educational goals

The aim of this study programme is to prepare specialists for the changing conditions of clothes production in Europe. Graduates will have knowledge of garment and technical apparel manufacturing. The goal is to link together adequate engineering skills in the fields of textile and clothing production, utility properties of fabrics and textile quality evaluation, while there is an obvious requirement for communication in English in order to deal with issues such as clothes production outsourcing. Course graduates will be able to manage and organize clothing production and sales in such a way so as to make them as efficient as possible while ensuring maximum flexibility as only a quick response to market and fashion trend demands can achieve the required profit in the clothing production industry. Such competencies provide a solid base to give graduates job opportunities overseas as well as in the EU

Profile of the graduate

Graduates will acquire a technical knowledge of apparel, smart clothes, technical garment and car seat production while also having a thorough understanding of the properties of garment fabrics and a foundational knowledge of production process management, production outsourcing and sales. As a prerequisite to run manufacturing processes they will have mastered the industry-related terminology and be able to communicate in English. An integral part of the course is a six-week on-the-job training programme. As there is a continuous shortage of qualified professionals from textile disciplines this work experience will be appreciated by the labour market. Graduates will have career opportunities with clothes manufacturing and textile production companies and sales organisations. Alternatively, they can continue their studies in master’s degree programmes in the textile field.


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Production of Clothing and Technical Products (B0723A270003)
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Mechanical Engineering and Materials

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Requirements: school-leaving certificate and succsessful entrance proceeding

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