Textile Marketing

Educational goals

Textile Marketing is an undergraduate study programme which uniquely couples the field of textile and clothing materials and technologies with marketing skills. The course aims to train university-educated experts who have an understanding of the specific properties, proper functions and quality assessment of textile products while being aware of the related principles concerning customer relations (consumer protection, correct marking etc.) and also the rules of marketing and business negotiations. The course will provide students not only with theoretical and practical knowledge on this level, but also with sufficient flexibility, an ability to communicate about industry-specific topics in English, an understanding of technical fields and a set of what is comprehensively referred to as soft skills.

Profile of the graduate

The course will provide graduates with a knowledge of textile materials and textile technology basics, focusing on textile merchandise expertise and textile marketing. Their skills will be targeted primarily towards end-user textile products which they will be able to identify, properly classify their composition, define the way of production, specify the purpose and way of application and assess their quality. This knowledge covers a wide range of textile products including garments and technical, medical, interior and clothing products. They will be able to apply the marketing methods and processes necessary to launch textile products. They will have an ability to design and analyse textile product surveys and apply them to products from other fields. The course will also include other related skills such as the basic principles of management and communication skills to enhance the flexibility and job opportunities of graduates from the Faculty of Textile Engineering. The structured concept of the course will allow graduates to continue their studies in master’s degree programmes or start a career.


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Textile Marketing (B0414A270002)
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Economics, Mechanical Engineering and Materials

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Admission procedure

Requirements: school-leaving certificate and succsessful entrance proceeding

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Contact: Bajzík Vladimír, doc. Ing. Ph.D., vladimir.bajzik@tul.cz

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