Primary School Education

Educational goals

The program’s aims are to equip graduates with the necessary qualifications for teaching at primary schools, and to provide a comprehensive education at master’s level.

Profile of the graduate

Graduates of the Primary School Education program gain basic theoretical knowledge and proficiency in areas of key importance in the field of Primary Education, and acquire a range of practical creative skills, above all else in the field of upbringing, providing a well-rounded and holistic education. They are equipped with crucial general knowledge, can build on connections between various subjects, and possess the foundations which allow for further professional growth, including postgraduate education.


Study programme
Primary School Education (M0113A300008)
Faculty of
Type of study
Undergraduate Master
Form of study
Length of study
Awarded degree
Education area
Educational Studies

Courses of Primary School Education programme

1. semester

2. semester

3. semester

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5. semester

6. semester

7. semester

8. semester

9. semester

10. semester

Courses without specified study plan

Admission procedure

1. A medical certificate from a phoniatrist or speech therapist that they have no disruptive communication skills that would limit it in working with children and performing the teaching profession. 2. Medical certificate of ability to study at FP TUL with a focus on teaching. 3. Orientation in the field (general written test). 4. Motivation to study – interview over the student portfolio.

More details

Contact: Příhonská Jana, doc. RNDr. Ph.D.,

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