Historical and Museological Studies

Educational goals

The ultimate objective of the three years of the Historical and museological studies is to introduce qualified, college educated professionals with knowledge of the history of the human kind and its art and culture since the Middle Ages till the 20th Century (Prehistory and Ancient history are introduced as optional). Great attention is devoted to museology and introductory courses of archival and gallery sciences and monument preservation. The graduate will master basic methods of cultural historians work, museum or monument preservation institution worker or any historically cultural or memory institution.

Profile of the graduate

The student masters knowledge about history of the human society since Early Middle Ages till the present time. He possesses basic knowledge of the historians work and historiography and apply them during numerous excursions. Through mastering methodological, paleographical and other skills he is able to work with written, audiovisual and other types of historical sources. History of culture and art (taught together) are another important parts of the curriculum. Museology (and museological didactics ) is in fact an important part of the curriculum combined with archival and gallery sciences and monument preservation lessons. Regional history and historiography (especially of the Liberec and Czech Republic in general) is present. Student can choose between block of courses focused on history of textile and the block focused on history of glass and bijouterie, this is on the ground of the Liberec region specifics.


Study programme
Historical and Museological Studies (B0222A120021)
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Courses of Historical and museological studies programme

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Admission procedure

Students will be accepted to the Historical and museological studies based on results of the high school studies and written test focused on the basic knowledge and skills corresponding to the high school education. Entrance examination can be skipped when student passes requirements of the FP TUL (for example excellent study results, successful participation in scientific activities).

More details

Contact: Pažout Jaroslav, doc. PhDr. Ph.D., jaroslav.pazout@tul.cz

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