Industrial Engineering

Educational goals

The objective of the proposed PhD programme Industrial Engineering is to prepare university-educated top specialists in research, development and applications in quality management, experiment design, forecasting, implementation of Industry 4.0 (the Fourth Industrial Revolution) principles and comprehensive statistical data analysis, particularly in industrial applications dealing with fibre structures. The structure and curriculum of the course respond to the industry demand for specialist qualified staff focusing on product innovation including the innovations of high-order and the improvement / functionalisation of production systems and processes while complying with requirements for sustainability and efficient waste utilisation. These needs stem from the accelerated development of new technologies with respect to a reduction in environmental and energy-related issues as forecasts based on the current situation point out for them to be of key importance for the future.

Profile of the graduate

Graduates from the Industrial Engineering PhD course will have a thorough specialist knowledge of their field (product and technology process quality management, comprehensive high-order innovation development and implementation of methods using computer-assisted data mining production concepts) to allow them to apply creative and research work in the field. Graduates will have mastered modern principles of designing and managing technical projects, with a focus on the development of high-order innovation. They will be able to prepare, lead and evaluate such projects. They will have developed their communication skills and be able to follow through their ideas and views. They will be thoroughly familiar with data handling methodologies using computer-assisted approaches referred to as soft computing. They will be prepared to implement the techniques and tools of Industry 4.0 into practical applications. They will also be able to quickly adapt to demanding work in other fields and interdisciplinary research. They will be poised to continue their skill growth independently and comprehensively deal with complex research, technical and engineering issues.


Study programme
Industrial Engineering (P0723D270001)
Faculty of
Type of study
Form of study
Length of study
Awarded degree
Education area
Mechanical Engineering and Materials

Courses of Industrial Engineering programme

1. semester

2. semester

3. semester

4. semester

5. semester

6. semester

  • Specialization in Field (compulsory)

Courses without specified study plan

  • Economics and Organizations Management (compulsory optional)
  • Hydrodynamics Process of Spinning (compulsory optional)
  • Intership Abroad I (optional)
  • Intership Abroad II (optional)
  • Intership in a Company I. (optional)
  • Intership in a Company II. (optional)

Admission procedure

Requirements: M.Sc certificate and succsessful entrance proceeding

More about the admission process

More details

Contact: Tunák Maroš, doc. Ing. Ph.D.,

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