Machines and Equipment Design

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Machines and Equipment Design (P0715D270001)
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Mechanical Engineering and Materials

Courses of Stavba strojů a zařízení programme

Courses without specified study plan

  • 3D Digitization and Additive Technology (compulsory optional)
  • Analysis and Simulation of Mech. Systems (compulsory optional)
  • Applied Fluid Mechanics (compulsory optional)
  • Applied Mathematics (compulsory optional)
  • CAE – Advanced Design Methods (compulsory optional)
  • Colloquium (compulsory)
  • Continuum Mechanics (compulsory optional)
  • Design and Control of Production Machine (compulsory optional)
  • Dynamics of Machinery (compulsory optional)
  • English Language (compulsory)
  • Experimental Methods in Mechanics (compulsory optional)
  • Heat and Mass Transfer (compulsory optional)
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Mechanisms (compulsory optional)
  • Industrial Robots and Applied Robotics (compulsory optional)
  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials (compulsory optional)
  • Modeling of the Nonlinear Structures (compulsory optional)
  • Num. Methods and Simulation for H&MT (compulsory optional)
  • Selected Chapters of Driving Units (compulsory optional)
  • Selected Chapters of Glass Production (compulsory optional)
  • Selected Chapters of Textile Machines (compulsory optional)
  • Selected Parts of Energetics Machines (compulsory optional)
  • Seminar 1 (compulsory optional)
  • Seminar 2 (compulsory optional)
  • State Doctoral Examination (compulsory)
  • Statistics and Data Analysis (compulsory optional)
  • Testing of Mechanical Systems, Vibrodiag (compulsory optional)
  • Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (compulsory optional)
  • Theory of Vehicles – Advanced Chapters (compulsory optional)

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