Professional studies for upper-secondary school teachers

Educational goals

The aim of the study is to obtain and develop the abilities to access educational and pedagogical-psychological problems in pedagogical-psychological context, to analyze the pedagogical and psychological phenomena, to evaluate the problems of pedagogical practice, to know the law school, to plan and implement teaching having regard to the specificities of individual pupils, and with regard to the requirements of curricular reforms, to make use of basic socio-psychological knowledge and skills in the pedagogical practice.


Study programme
Physical Education for Education (N7401)
Programme branch
Professional studies for upper-secondary school teachers (7504T)
Faculty of
Type of study
Postgraduate Master
Form of study
Length of study
Awarded degree
Education area
Physical Education and Sports; Kinanthropology

More details

Contact: Urbánek Petr, doc. PaedDr. Dr.,

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