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The aim of the doctoral studies of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at the Technical University in Liberec is to lead the teaching of art, design and architecture to such understanding of the creative domains, which allows broader interdisciplinary discourse necessary for the application of the creative values of arts in life and development of the society. Today’s art as well as design and architecture are losing much of their potential to significantly contribute to the development and humanization of the environment and shaping the nature of the contemporary world. Mechanisms of contemporary civilization, in the vast majority of its effect s are limiting the possibilities for application of artistic creation in life. Among other things, art can be also blamed for this condition, because of its secession of creation from live sources of knowledge and the loss of their ties to science, technology and social practice. Doctoral Study program “Fine Art” is based on an erudite reflection on creation of art in internal and external context of mentioned categories of artistic creation. Doctoral study deepens the understanding of the interaction of different forms and models of creative thinking and expression. Allows a deeper understanding of the interaction of various creative disciplines, to which the Faculty provides opportunities already from the levels of bachelor and master degree. These opportunities can’t be adequately assessed without the doctoral studies due to the complexity of issues related to the nature of these fields. Nowadays the study fields of art, design and architecture at Universities and Academies are shaped mostly as specialized courses, which are able to provide a development of knowledge and skills in unilaterally defined programs. By these programs the Universities and the Academies qualify their students especially for tasks arising from existing specializations. So far, there is a little scope for the study, which enables to assess the kn


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Fine Art (P8206)
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Fine Art (8206V130)
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Art and Art Sciences


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