Teacher training for kindergartens

Educational goals

Study leads students to develop key knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes, which are an essential part of the profession of teacher in kindergarten, mainly to perceive and analyze educational and pedagogical-psychological problems in the pedagogical-psychological context, to prepare, conduct, and evaluate educational programs in kindergarten, to apply educational activities aimed at the acquisition of knowledge, skills and habits of children in kindergartens according to educational program (in the area of literary, dramatic, musical, art, and physical education), to apply practical and creative skills in the area of aesthetic education, environmental education and science education, to apply educational methods working with intact population of children and with children with special educational needs, including creation, implementation and evaluation of individual educational plans.


Study programme
Specialization in Pedagogy (B7507)
Programme branch
Teacher training for kindergartens (7531R001)
Faculty of
Type of study
Form of study
Length of study
Awarded degree
Education area
Educational Studies


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