Nonwoven and Nanomaterials

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The term “nonwoven textiles” involves a wide group of textile materials produced in non-traditional ways that have been developing very fast since the middle of the forties, and that have kept their dynamics in the developed countries until today. The FT TUL workers have contributed remarkably to this branch development since the end of the sixties. They are originators of new technologies as well as of international textbooks translated into more than five world languages. “Nanofibres” represent one of the latest trends in production and development of fibre materials. Although the production principles have been known since the end of the 18th century, the turbulent increase of theoretical, research and technological work in this branch only occurred in the eighties of the last century. The FT TUL workers have significantly contributed to worldwide development of the industrial production of nanofibres with their patent and theoretical works. They are also authors of a range of monographs in this area published by foreign as well as domestic publishers. They have received significant national and international awards. The study branch “Nanomaterials and nonwoven textiles” provides students with deeper knowledge of properties, technology and application of nonwoven and nano materials. Based on their Diploma thesis, the students get familiar with application, technological, experimental or theoretical background of other areas of material engineering, such as use of plasma for surface finishing, biology and microbiology, automotive industry, building industry, etc. The works in this branch have been awarded by the project Czech Head, but also by Fulbright Association in the shape of a prestigious scholarship.


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Textile Engineering (N3106)
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Nonwoven and Nanomaterials (3106T018)
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Postgraduate Master
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Mechanical Engineering and Materials


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