Applied Sciences in Engineering

Educational goals

Studies in AVI is linked to the solution of research projects. Presupposes a very good understanding of the theoretical foundations of topics addressed in order to search technological processes, methodologies of sophisticated measurements, and finally the creation of software tools for their subsequent use in practice. The contents of the AVI research activities can be divided into the following guidelines, which also define the topics of dissertations: 1. Modeling of natural and technical processes, application of numerical methods and the development of tools for modeling. 2. Technology and nanotechnology in environmental issues. 3. Application of special materials and technologies in technical systems and study related processes, sophisticated methods of measurement. The aim is to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills for graduate doctoral field, able to deal with the application of physical and material sciences.


Study programme
Applied Sciences in Engineering (P3901)
Programme branch
Applied Sciences in Engineering (3901V055)
Faculty of
Type of study
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Education area
Cybernetics, Mechanical Engineering and Materials, Physics

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Contact: Hokr Milan, doc. Ing. Ph.D.,

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