Textile marketing – textile marketing

Educational goals

During the study, the graduates will acquire interdisciplinary knowledge in the area of textile, knowledge of goods and textile marketing, and are competent to work in marketing departments of textile and clothing companies, can start their own business. They are knowledgeable in textile terminology – their knowledge is aimed especially at final textile products which they can identify, specify their composition, roughly define the way of their production, specify the purpose and way of their use, and evaluate their quality. This knowledge covers a wide range of textile products, including clothing, technical, medical, household, haberdashery, etc. products. The graduate can apply marketing methods and procedures necessary for launching a new textile product in the market successfully. They are competent to create and analyse questionnaire inquiry in the area of textile and other products. The study also includes other relating skills, such as basic principles of management or communicative skills, which contributes to higher flexibility of the Textile Faculty graduates, and as a result, to their better employment in the labour market.


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Textil (B3107)
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Textile marketing – textile marketing (3107R007)
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